Problems of manual payroll system in Nigerian schools and how to solve it

Problems of manual payroll system in Nigerian schools and how to solve it

In the manual payroll system, which has been the payment method that most Nigerian schools use to pay their staff, there is always the risk of human error. These human errors can lead to low morale, poor performance, and possibly even reputational and legal difficulties. Here are some of the problems that come with using the manual payroll system in schools.


1. Wrong Data Entry

One of the most common issues associated with a manual payroll system is the wrong entry of employee’s information. This can result in paying an employee the wrong amount. It may lead to paying an employee a little extra and this is actually not good for the institution as a whole because it leads to financial losses. On the other hand, if employees are paid less than what they should be paid, it can cause employee dissatisfaction resulting in poor efficiency for the organization.


2. Wrong categorizing of employees

There are many types of workers in an organization, including full-time staff, part-time staff, and independent contractors. Getting these categories right is very important as they each may have different payment structures and reports to regulatory tax agency differently. If an employee is miscategorized as part-time staff, for example, that staff may be denied certain company benefits, such as Overtime, vacation pay.


3. Late Payment of Salary

In a manual payroll system, payment of salaries and wages of employees are processed late it causes a delay in employees getting paid. As you can imagine, this can be frustrating and as a result, could reduce the morale and productivity of the employee.


4. Too much Paper involved

As a school grows, batches of data require a system that ensures information is archived, found, and retrieved quickly and efficiently. Paperwork takes a lot of space and time consuming if the presence is marked in the records. If your school has many offices, it will be very tedious to access documents from each office in different locations. If your school is still using the manual payroll system and attendance system, you are more likely to choose attendance incorrectly.


Automation: How you can eliminate the issues with SchoolsFocus payroll module

1. Staff promotions and grade levels

In the SchoolsFocus HRM/Payroll module, the human resource department can set the grade level of each staff and based on the organization’s standard. Each grade level has a step name, which is the present position the staff is in and the next position he/she will be promoted to. To avoid error in the payment of salary, the system has made it easy for you to set the basic salary of your staff according to the number of steps. Each step has a particular amount anyone in that grade level step will be paid. E.g., if Mr. A is in grade level two, step one and the set salary for anyone in grade level two, step one is 18,000 and for grade level two, step two is 20,000. Mr. A will be paid 18,000 or anyone in that same step of that same grade level and step. The system also has a provision for Monthly salary processing where the salary of each of the staff can be processed with ease showing their banks, salaries, and allowance or deductions of salary if need be.


2. Staff Categories

The SchoolsFocus school management system has made it easy for you to categorize your staff. Choose from a list of categories such as a class teacher, an administrator,or a general staff. So, when the salary is being processed it will be easy to choose any category of staff that you want their salary to be processed for. When you have a new employee, you just add the new employee to a particular category. E.g., If Mr. A is a new staff as a librarian, his salary will be processed at ease by simply selecting the librarian category.


3. Payment Schedule

The Payment is a sorted list of employee salaries to be paid. While every staff can easily locate their payslip from their profile which they may take to the bank or bursar for payment, the bursar may instead, take the payment schedule to the bank for funds transfer. It can also serve as a means of validating each staff's payslip.


4. Staff Attendance

As a serious institution, we know you take punctuality seriously. The human resources department/admin records attendance for staff in the system. A staff's attendance record can be configured to impact the final amount paid as salary to the staff. So it is easy to configure financial penalties for lateness, etc.

With, the school and student management system can help you carry out your pay activities with greater speed, efficiency and confidence. You don’t have to use manual number crunching systems to process your salaries and track staff’s attendance, to ensure that an accurate amount is paid to staff as at when due and there is easy categorizing of staffs with no paperwork involved.

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