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Our Mission

To provide all-encompassing School Management Software and Enabling Services that schools and institutions can easily, readily and affordably access and utilize.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the conventional manual and semi-manual approaches of School Management as observed in most Nigerian Schools, Africa and beyond, to a digital-intensive approach, and to become the leading provider of Digital Solutions for Educational Management in Nigeria and across Africa.

Our Core Values


We always have it in mind that it is our responsibility as a team to work and achieve our mission. Even when the tasks seem very daunting, it is the commitment and motivation to achieve the success ahead that keep us working even harder; even if it means only two or less hours sleep per day.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that our customers deserve to be considered before other things. We build and iterate everyday from the view point of our end-users. We take customers' feedbacks, suggestions and demands very seriously. As such, we never stop refining and improving on our Applications to ensure we provide our users with the most useful tools they need.

Continuous Learning

If we ever stop learning, everything about us will certainly become stagnant. In order to keep growing and building awesome things, we endeavour to continue learning new things. We learn from our customers. We learn from ourselves and experiences. We learn from tech giants. We learn from everyone, everything and everywhere.


By Professionalism, we are far from meaning that we are all-knowing. In fact, we still learn everyday.
However, we believe that if a thing is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. We try to give in our best of conducts in what we do. We hold high such values as integrity, respect, competency, accountability and determination to work.

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