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One-stop cloud-based School Management Solution

 mobile and responsive school software
 mobile and responsive school software

SchoolsFocus is a One-stop School Management System that provides top digital tools for running modern day Schools and other Educational Institutions.
The web-based software is built to improve:
  • Job Convenience for administrators and staff
  • Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Parents-Teachers-Students communication mediums
  • Parents and Students experience with your school

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

 mobile and responsive school software

Our School Management Solution supports schools to deploy and connect their school website and management portal with their own unique domain name.
We make the work even easier for our customers. They can as well purchase their own domain names in one-click while deploying the SchoolsFocus Solution for their school.
As such, they manage everything from one place.

Dedicated ICT Management Service

 mobile and responsive school software

We do not just provide a school with a School Management Software only. We provide other services to ensure that the school makes the most out of the Software and the entire system switch over.
We understand that there are some schools that may not have had any previous ICT-in-management experience or any existing ICT unit or such structured plan, and so on. Such schools may need dedicated assistance to enable them get off and set things rolling as they should, ICT wise.

Therefore, a school may choose to have a team from our trained staffs help them collaboratively plan and setup (if none exists) and manage the School's ICT Unit either temporarily or over the time.

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Data Entry / Migration Assistance Service

 mobile and responsive school software

The Digital/System Switch-over process may require much of data collection, data entry, and data migration from one format to another, or from one system or database to another.
In order to have a complete database of the school with all users duly registered on the system, data of Students, Parents and Employees may be collected using forms. The collected data are then properly entered into the system by authorized user accounts.
Some schools may need assistance at this initial stage of Swith-over.
A School may choose to have a team of our staffs assist them collaboratively in the data entry/migration process.

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On-field SchoolsFocus Software Usage Training

 mobile and responsive school software

In addition to the Software User Guides, we also offer to conduct scheduled trainings at schools for every category of the software users (admin, staff/employees, students and parents).
Such trainings help everyone understand the software better and make optimal use of it without difficulties.

Bulk SMS Gateway

 mobile and responsive school software

Our Bulk SMS Service enables a school send messages, reminders, notifications, etc. in form of SMS to their registered users (e.g. Parents, Staff members, Admission Applicants, Alumni members, etc.), and even to external contacts (e.g. Stakeholders, Investors, Business Leads, etc) right from within the School Management Application very affordably, and with customizable sender ID.

Supply of Computers and IT Accessories

 mobile and responsive school software

We supply Schools and Institutions with high quality computers, devices, and other IT accessories needed for them to set up ICT facilities and office and classroom units.

Setting Up of School ICT Infrastructures

 mobile and responsive school software

In addition to supply of computers, devices and accessories, we also undertake setting up of School ICT Facilities such as Computer Labs., CBT Facilities (Computer Based Testing/Examinations), Office IT Units, Classrooms IT units (towards having Smart Classrooms), Computer/Internet Shops, etc.

Internet Connectivity Provision

 mobile and responsive school software

Frankly speaking, one thing is having the best of IT Facilties and School Management System, and another is having a good Internet Network Connectivity whenever it is needed.
We understand that some schools may find Internet Access as a huge obstacle to digitization.
We, in collaboration with reliable ISPs, provide consistent solutions to the Internet Conectivity needs of Schools and Institutions according to their various budget sizes.

Computer / ICT Training Service

 mobile and responsive school software

We undertake Computer/ICT Training contracts with schools and organizations in need of practical-oriented Computer/ICT Education and capacity building for their students, staff members, employees, etc.
We work with experienced and competent Computer/ICT Educators that understand and apply teaching techniques alongside hands-on practicals that will transform your students/employees into tech-oriented individuals.

For Governments, Educational Boards and Ministries

Central De-centralized Schools Information and Management System (CD-SIMS)

 mobile and responsive school software

Educational Boards and Minstries can adopt the Central but Decentralized Schools Information and Management Systems (CD-SIMS) in planning, managing, organizing and evaluating schools under them.
The CD-SIMS provides a Central Organizing Unit (for the board, ministry or overseeing body) with multiple decentralized School Management Units (each, for the respective schools under the body).

The Central Organizing Unit has certain controls, as may be set forth, over the various School Units.
It also has access to data, metrics and reports from the various schools.

This system greatly helps overseeing bodies in identifying issues and trends, resource planning, decision making, devising management schemes and strategies, inspection and evaluation.

General Services

  • Website Design Services
  • Web Applications Development Services
  • Mobile Applications Development Services
  • Computer Networking Services
  • Setting Up of Computer, Internet and CBT Centers
  • Supply of Computers and IT Accessories
  • Internet Connectivity Provision
  • Corporate ICT Training Service
  • Bulk SMS Service

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