Learn how to automate your school's operations using SchoolsFocus

Overview of SchoolsFocus

What is SchoolsFocus? What does it offer? And what's in it for your school?

Easy Onboarding

How to get SchoolsFocus for your School; connect your own domain name or integrate with your existing school website.

Getting Started

Getting started with customizing your school website and management portal; institutional, academic and other settings.

User Categories and Roles

Who can access and make use of the website and portal? And to accomplish what? What access privileges do they have?

Starting with Data Entry

Where and how to start with initial data entry. The best order of entry to follow.

Online Admission

How to register/enroll students. Conducting online admission application exercises.

Staff / Employees Info-system

Registering teachers and other role-based employees; managing their profiles and records.

Parents / Guardians Info-system

Registering students' parents / guardians; managing their records.

Students Info-system

Managing students' profiles and records; class promotion/transfer/graduation.

Class Management

Adding and managing classes and class arms/divisions, class subjects, class timetables, students' attendance, assignments/home works, lesson notes and study resources.

Exams and Exam Configurations

Managing Exam terms and exams configurations; exam timetables / schedules and students' exam attendance.

Computer-based Tests / Examinations

How to conduct computer-based tests and examinations. Adding and managing questions (question bank) and instructions. Working with and exporting test/exam scores. CBT Practice.

Grading and Result Configurations

Managing result score divisions, grading pattern, performance comments / remarks and result sheet page (report card) preferences.

Grade Book and Results

Adding and managing students' academic scores, cognitive skills assessment scores. Reviewing and publishing results. Generating annual/promotional results.

Result Checker Scratch Cards

Using scratch cards to check results. Bulk purchasing result checker scratch cards. Managing, sale / assigning scratch cards to students.

Fees / Bursary Management

Adding and managing fees categories. Publishing fees. Online fees payments. Manual fees collection. Tracking fees debtors. Fees payment records and reports. Online payment gateways.

Financial Bookkeeping

Financial expenditures and incomes; transaction categories; auto-recording transactions; manual recording of transactions; viewing records and reports.

HRM / Payroll

Managing staff attendance, grade levels and steps, promotion, leave, monthly salaries computation, payslips and payment schedules.


Maintaining library book records; managing the borrowing and issuing of books and returning of issued books.


Applying for / allocating school bus slots. Managing records of vehicles, drivers, licences and renewals.


Applying for / allocating hostel bed-spaces. Managing records of hostels, rooms, bed-spaces and occupants.

Communication and Media

Adding and publishing news, events and announcements. Choosing announcement audience and delivery medium (SMS, Email, Push notification, portal messaging). Adding contents to photo and video gallery.


Communication between teachers, parents, students, other employees, administrators over the on-portal messaging tool.

Documents and Printables

Adding downloadable documents (such as prospectus, curriculum / scheme of work, registration and profile update forms, manual admission forms, etc. )

Settings / Configurations

Performing school portal settings and configurations - system settings, academic sessions configuration, system logos and images, Email gateway, SMS gateway, database backup and restore.

School Website Content Management

How to customize your school website - change theme/template and color scheme, add/edit web pages, sections and contents, social media handles, customize the navigation menu, view contact form entries and newsletter subscriptions.

Requesting for Customization / Other Services

If you have peculiar need for features / functionalities not already in SchoolsFocus, we are open and ready to provide further customization to meet your specifications. See how you can reach us for such purpose.

Affiliate Partnership

Learn how you can work with and earn from SchoolsFocus through our Affiliate Marketing Programme

Agent Partnership

Learn how you can become SchoolsFocus Agent Partner in your country, state or region.

API for Developers

Learn how you can build upon and extend SchoolsFocus.

E-Learning / Virtual Classroom

Learn how to host and manage online classes for your students using the SchoolsFocus E-learning and Virtual Classroom system

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