Enrolling/Registering a student

  • From the Admin dashboard, select the admisssions menu.

  • In the submenu, select student enrollment to reveal the regisratiom form below


SECTION A - Guardian / Parents' Data

Here you specify the student's parent information. If the parent information already exists, select it from the drop-down menu. If the information has never been saved before, you should create another one by clicking the Add Guardian/Parent button by the left.

SECTION B - Personal Data:

This section contains the personal data of the student. Fill it accordingly

SECTION C - Academic Data:

This section contains the academic data of the student.

Important Things to note:

Registration Number - this uniquely identifies a student in the entire school.

Roll number: This uniquely identifies a student in their class.

You may adopt any format that suits you in both cases or you may select auto generate in any case to allow the system to generate them automatically for you.

When you are done, click register student to complete the process

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