Exam instructions

Exam instructions


You may set exam instructions which all the participants will have to read to before attempting the questions.


To view exam instructions,

1. Under the Computer-Based Tests / CBT menu, click on Exam Instructions. If any instructions had been created before, their title will be visible.


An Exam Instruction


2. Click on any of the titles to view it's contents.


The contents of an intsruction

1. If you are not in the Exam Instructions page, click on Exam Instructions under the Computer-Based Tests / CBT menu.

The exam instructions page

2. Click on the Add button on the top-right side of the screen

3. Enter the title and contents of the instruction


The form to add instructon

4. Click save.

To update an exam instruction,

1. Click on the intstruction title to view the instruction as shown below


2. Click the blue Edit button to open the editing form.

3. Make the changes and click update to save.

For information on how to assign instructions to an exam, click here

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