The primary payment model for the SchoolsFocus website/portal service is the prepaid model that enables a school pay a flat subscription fee per student per year or term as follows:

Unlimited Students Unlimited Students Unlimited Students
26+ Modules & Features 32+ Modules & Features All Modules & Features
N1000 per Student per Year N1500 per Student per Year N2,000 per Student per Year
N350 per Student per Term (4-monthly) N550 per Student per Term (4-monthly) N750 per Student per Term (4-monthly)

The implementation of this model works as a prepaid billing system. The school has a subscription fund account/wallet which they fund for subscription purpose. The school decides the amount they want to put into this account at any time, and they also own the balance of the account at any time. As the school registers a student on the portal, the appropriate amount per student is spent from this account to subscribe the student on the system through the next one year (or term). This subscription for the student is automatically renewed by the system at the end of the one year (or term) by deducting the appropriate per-student amount from the school’s subscription fund wallet. In the case of insufficient account balance, the system notifies the school administrator and the due renewal will be pending until the school tops up the wallet.


This model gives the school access to unlimited number of students result checker scratch cards which can then be assigned or sold by the school (at any price they set) to students for result checking.

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