Reviewing processed results

Reviewing processed results

Before publishing results, you may want to review them to perhaps add comments and other information before making the results available to students. To do this and publish results:

1. Under the Results / Grade Book menu, click Review and Publish Results. This loads the page below.



2. Enter the class and other relevant details and click View Results

The subject columns on the top of the result shows all the available subjects in the class.


Subjects Columns

The subjects columns allows you choose what is visible in the result sheet while reviewing results. You may use it to get a concentrated view of a particular subject by hiding the rest of other subjects.

To toggle the visibility of a subject, click on its name in the column.

You may also choose to hide all the subjects columns at once and only view other information like result summaries, students position, remarks, etc. To do this, you may click on the    button. To re-enable all the subject columns again click on 

Grand total is the sum of all the total scores a student obtained from every subject they offered.

If a student offered only English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics and obtained the following scores:

  1. English = 78/100
  2. Mathematics = 56/100
  3. Biology = 68/100
  4. Chemistry = 46/100
  5. Physics = 58/100

His grand total would be 78 + 56 + 68 + 46 + 58 =  306/500

Grade point average is the mean of all the grades obtained by a student. Every grade is assigned a grade point while its being created. For more on how to create grades click here

Total score average is the mean of the total scores obtained by a student in all the subjects they offered. This is equivalent to Grand Total / number of subjects offered

The result summary is determined by the grade which a student obtained from a subject. This is set in the Remark field when creating grades. For more on how to create grades click here

A position is the ranking of students' Total Score Average in ascending order. Students with the best Average are ranked first followed by others.

Scroll to the right till you se the image below. You may need to switch to the minimal view mode for easier access.


You may want to use preset comments to avoid unnecessary typing of repetitive comments. To use a preset comment, click on the Select Preset Comment box and select the comment you want to add.

If you want to type custom comment, type it in the comment box instead

Follow the steps described above. Add your comment in the Principal's comment box shown below.


To make a student's cognitive result,

Scroll to the left of the page and click    under the cognitive skills report column.

For more information on adding and managing Cognitive Skills click here

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