Managing records of hostels

Managing records of hostels

After creating your hostel categories, you are ready to start adding your hostels to them. If you have not created any categories, click here to learn how to create one

You can easily create and manage your hostels record by clicking the "Hostel" link under the  menu.


To add a hostel, 

1. Click the  button at the top of the page. You should see a dropdown similar to the image above.

2. Click the  button. You should then see a pop up page similar to the image below



3. Enter the details of the hostel. The hostel type field implies the category the hosted will be listed under.

4. Click "Save" to finish saving the hostel.


Now that you know how to add a hostel, you are ready to learn how to add rooms to your hostel.

To edit a hostel, click it's "Edit" button

To edit a hostel, click it's "Delete" button

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